Hot New Comics for Graphic Novel Month

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Clyde Fans


A masterful work by a legendary cartoonist about the decline of small bussiness and the subsequent erosion of familial relations and one's sanity. Twenty...

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When I Arrived at the Castle

Emily Carroll

Like many before her that have never come back, she’s made it to the Countess’ castle determined to snuff out the horror, but she...

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Ines Estrada

Drawn in hazy gray pencil and printed in blue pantone ink, this book is about Elizabeth, an exotic dancer in cyberspace, and Carlos, who...

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Kitaro's Yokai Battles

Shigeru Mizuki

The spooky yokai boy Kitaro is back for his sixth book, and this time he has a pile of monsters to beat Featuring seven...

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The Adventures of Alexander Von Humboldt

Andrea Wulf

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Invention of Nature, comes a breathtakingly illustrated and brilliantly evocative recounting of Alexander Von Humboldt's...

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Space Battleship Yamato: The Classic Collection

Leiji Matsumoto

Leiji Matsumoto’s original science fiction masterpiece, first introduced to Western audiences asStar Blazers!It is the year 2199. The Gamilans, a hostile alien race, have...

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Leaving Richard's Valley

Michael Deforge

When a group of outcasts have to leave the valley, how will they survive the toxicity of the big city? Richard is a benevolent...

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Why Don't You Write My Eulogy Now So I Can Correct It?

Patricia Marx

The perfect Mother's Day gift: A collection of witty one-line advice New Yorkerwriter Patricia Marx heard from her mother, accompanied by full-color illustrations by New...

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Dear Scarlet

Teresa Wong

In this intimate and moving graphic memoir, Teresa Wong writes and illustrates the story of her struggle with postpartum depression in the form of...

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The Wicked + The Divine Volume 8: Old is the New New

Kieron Gillen

Modernist poets trapped in an Agatha Christie Murder Mystery. The Romantics gathering in Lake Geneva to resurrect the dead. What really happened during the...

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Death Threat

Vivek Shraya

In the fall of 2017, the acclaimed writer and musician Vivek Shraya began receiving vivid and disturbing transphobic hate mail from a stranger. Celebrated...

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Sabrina Scott

Witchbody is an invitation to awaken a sense of wonder to what lies beneath the surface of our experiences--the magic of all things. A...

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This Woman's Work

Julie Delporte

A profound and personal exploration of the intersections of womanhood, femininity, and creativity. This Woman?s Work is a powerfully raw autobiographical work that asks vital...

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A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities

Mady G., J.R. Zuckerberg

A great starting point for anyone curious about queer and trans life, and helpful for those already on their own journeys!In this quick and...

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The Comics Journal #303

Antoine Cosse, Sheena C. Howard, Gary Groth

The Comics Journal, which is renowned for its in-depth interviews, comics criticism, and thought-provoking editorials, features Gary Groth in frank and often hilarious discussion...

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Kevin Panetta

Now that high school is over, Ari is dying to move to the big city with his ultra-hip band—if he can just persuade his...

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Kid Gloves

Lucy Knisley

If you work hard enough, if you want it enough, if you’re smart and talented and “good enough,” you can do anything.Except get pregnant.Her...

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The Sea

Rikke Villadsen

Told in expressive pencil drawings, provocative symbolism, and a madness that doesn’t just bubble beneath the surface of the water, but drenches the sailor—and...

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Blue Delliquanti, Soleil Ho

A Junior Library Guild Selection“This fresh and tasty comic provides an enticing introduction to a less-traveled area of cuisine.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY"You moved cross-country to...

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Parallel Lives

Olivier Schrauwen

This collects six wildly inventive short comics stories that might collectively be dubbed “speculative memoir.” Schrauwen’s deadpan depictions of his and his offspring's upcoming...

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Paper Girls Volume 5

Brian K Vaughan

Can anyone escape fate? That’s what Mac and her fellow newspaper delivery girls must discover as they escape the year 2000 and travel to...

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