COVID 19 : Events Cancelled until Mid-April, Stores Open (online and IRL)

March 13, 2020

COVID 19 : Events Cancelled until Mid-April, Stores Open (online and IRL)


We are sad to report that we are cancelling all of our events until mid-April. We love our book clubs and our authors so much that this is a hard decision. This decision is made much easier knowing that it is serving our community and is a way for us to contribute to the slow down of this pandemic.

Our book stores will remain open for the time being. We know you and your family need books to get through this period, and frankly, we need to stay open as long as we can, so please support us and our employees. Be assured, we are taking precautions, we are wiping down handles and cashes multiple times a day. Our staff uses hand sanitizer and washes their hands with soap multiple times throughout the day.  We have tap pin pads at each location, 176 and 211 Bernard so you can do purchases without touching. As well, we have put away our small toys at the children’s store.

We invite you to join our online book club groups, which are brand new. We can continue the conversation about the books from our homes.

We’ll give updates as we have them.  Expect to hear from us next week.

Thank you so much for supporting local businesses in this difficult time for everyone.

Take care,


Rebecca Lloyd

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Rebecca Lloyd

Bookstore Director