Jay Stephens Launches Dejects!

October 9, 2019

Jay Stephens Launches Dejects!
“Back in the gutter at the end of all things…feels comfortable.” It’s good to have you back, Jay.

We were graced this evening with Jay Stephens and publisher Michel Vrana for the launch of Jay's latest title Dejects!

A collection of Jay's odd and rejected works, the book contains a personal history of a lifetime in cartooning. "Who the hell wants a collection of someone’s lost bits?" It turns out, quite a few of us.

A surprise addition to the book table was Land of Nod #3. Initially published in 1997, this reprint fixes some issues of the original run and is a testament to Michel and Jay's enduring friendship.

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Michel introduces.
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Bonus comic redemption!

The evening was spent among friends and reminiscence. I had no idea that Cartoon Network tried to go live-action. That's bananas.

“I inked and colored daily for over a year, which is definitely the most productive I’ve ever been and the hardest work I’ve ever done.” That flopped - I retired. I became the manager of an art store in Guelph for four years."
"I do posters for my local bar for food and drink and that’s the best gig I ever did!"

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"San Diego Comic-con 1998 alt-comics reunion"--Peggy

"Oh I didn’t talk about the mental institution! So I had a mental breakdown after the animation stuff; and that’s why I worked at the art store! [...] I had to ask myself after that: why do I do this? Why write or draw at all?"

"The only thing that drew me back was these cold-calls for kids' How-to-Draw books [...] Teaching and working with kids' media brought me back to drawing."

On Dejects: "This may be my best collection- this is autobiographical - this is the real stuff."

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Land of Nod #3

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