Poetry Sunday meets Graphic Novel Month!

May 19, 2019

Poetry Sunday meets Graphic Novel Month!

This week's Poetry Sunday lands in the midst of Graphic Novel Month, so we're looking at the places where poetry and comics lock horns.

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Poetry is Useless

Anders Nilsen

InPoetry is Useless, Anders Nilsen redefines the sketchbook format, intermingling elegant, densely detailed renderings of mythical animals, short comics drawn in ink, meditations on...

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After Nothing Comes

Aidan Koch

Aidan Koch makes comics about moods and moments, marks and symbols. They are drawn in a diaphanous, haptic style that suggests dreams and memories....

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Autobiography of Death

Kim Hyesoon

The title section of Kim Hyesoon’s powerful new book,Autobiography of Death, consists of forty-nine poems, each poem representing a single day during which the...

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The Eyelash and the Monochrome

Tiziana La Melia

Combining visuals and text, this collection of poems travels through territories as varied as daily and domestic activities; social relationships; literature, cinema, and art;...

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Alexandre L'Archevêque

Le Carné est une fresque où se côtoient l’engendrement et la mort, partenaires indissociables, tout comme le sont les mots et les images. Naissance...

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Roulathèque roulathèque nicolore

Geneviève Castrée

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John, Dear

Laura Lannes

This is a book about a bad relationship.Laura Lannes is a cartoonist and illustrator living in NYC. She is originally from Brazil.

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