New Non-Fiction

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Funny Weather

Olivia Laing

“One of the finest writers of the new non-fiction” (Harper’s Bazaar) explores the role of art in the tumultuous twenty-first century. In the age...

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Save Me the Plums

Ruth Reichl

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Trailblazing food writer and beloved restaurant critic Ruth Reichl took the job (and the risk) of a lifetime when...

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The Uninhabitable Earth

David Wallace-Wells

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “The Uninhabitable Earth hits you like a comet, with an overflow of insanely lyrical prose about our pending Armageddon.”—Andrew Solomon,...

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Soap and Water & Common Sense

Bonnie Henry

The definitive guide to fighting coronaviruses, colds, flus, pandemics, and deadly diseases, from one of North America’s leading public health authorities, now updated with...

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Erling Kagge

Why do we walk? Where do we walk from? What is our destination?   Placing one foot in front of the other and embarking...

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Notes from an Apocalypse

Mark O'Connell

"Harrowing, tender-hearted, and funny as hell" —Jenny Offill“Fascinating…Oddly uplifting” —The Economist"Smart, funny, irreverent, and philosophically rich" —Wall Street JournalBy the author of the award-winning To...

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Recollections of My Nonexistence

Rebecca Solnit

"An un-self-centered book . . . At the same time that [Solnit] describes her forays into her past, she invites us to connect pieces...

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They Said This Would Be Fun

Eternity Martis

A powerful, moving memoir about what it's like to be a student of colour on a predominantly white campus.A booksmart kid from Toronto, Eternity...

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Everything in Its Place

Oliver Sacks

From the bestselling author of Musicophilia and On the Move, a final volume of the great physician's essays showcases his broad range of interests--from...

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Paul Lisicky

A stunning portrait of community, identity, and sexuality by the critically acclaimed author ofThe Narrow DoorWhen Paul Lisicky arrived in Provincetown in the early...

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