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Jason Lutes

This award-winning masterpiece shows the rise of Nazism in Germany. Available now in paperback! Berlin is one of the high-water marks of the comics...

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I Want You

Lisa Hanawalt

The filthy, funny early work from the Tuca & Bertie creator, and Bojack Horseman production designer Before the critically acclaimed animated shows, the bestselling...

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Ma Yeung-shin

An outrageously funny book about middle-aged women that reexamines romance, lust, and gender norms Lee Soyeon, Myeong-ok, and Yeonjeong are all mothers in their...

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Eight Lane Runaways

Henry McCausland

One runner relies on her poncho to give her direction. Another deals with a suddenly missing appendage. There are also algebra dogs, a juice...

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Seeds And Stems

Simon Hanselmann

In 2016, Hanselmann began producing Xeroxed zines starring the depressive Megg (a green-skinned witch), her abusive boyfriend Mogg (an actual cat), their submissive roommate...

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Now #9

Hartley Lin, James Harvey, Emil Friis Ernst

This ninth issue of Now is anchored by the longest story featured in the magazine to date: "Misguided Love," a 40-page autobiographical tour de...

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Sarah Andersen

A love story between a vampire and a werewolf by the creator of the enormously popular Sarah's Scribbles comics.Elsie the vampire is three hundred...

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EC Comics

Qiana Whitted

2020 Eisner Award Nominee for Best Academic/Scholarly Work Entertaining Comics Group (EC Comics) is perhaps best-known today for lurid horror comics like Tales from...

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Nobody Left

Mr Fish

The author, known for his savage political cartoons, interviews some of the leading artists, architects, observers and participants of the late twentieth century's...

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Rayco Pulido

Barcelona, 1943. Thirty-two-year-old Laia has it all — a job on a popular radio advice program, a devoted husband, and a baby on the...

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"And Now, Sir... Is This Your Missing Gonad?"

Jim Woodring

This book features Woodring's familiar cast of characters from such canonical graphic novels as Poochytown, but with a twist! Woodring has enlisted the mysterious...

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Art Young's Inferno

Art Young

Capitalist oligarchs and their minions have been condemned to Hell, but they lead a hostile takeover, throw out Satan, and privatize the Inferno. Operated...

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Rikke Villadsen

A rugged outlaw rides into a typical nineteenth-century Western town, swinging his six-guns and stirring up trouble. Meanwhile, an idle young woman gets the...

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The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For

Alison Bechdel

Settle in to this wittily illustrated soap opera (Bechdel calls it “half op-ed column and half endless serialized Victorian novel”) of the lives, loves,...

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The Machine Never Blinks

Ivan Greenberg, Everett Patterson, Joseph Canlas

In The Machine Never Blinks, the story of surveillance is presented from its earliest days, to help you more fully understand today's headlines about...

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A Story


Silvano Landi is a successful writer who, at the age of 50, sees his family leave him and his life fall apart. Landi's great-grandfather,...

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The Rough Pearl

Kevin Mutch

In this graphic novel, Adam Kline is an aspiring digital artist stuck in a thankless university adjunct position, married to an ambitious woman sick...

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Windows On The World

Robert Mailer Anderson

An undocumented immigrant father has been bussing tables at the famous Windows on the World restaurant to support his family in Mexico. Then, tragedy...

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