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Beautiful World, Where Are You

Sally Rooney

Here is the extraordinary, thrilling new novel from Sally Rooney, author of the internationally bestselling Normal People and Conversations with Friends. Alice, a novelist,...

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Lauren Groff

Named a Most Anticipated Book of 2021 by Time, Entertainment Weekly, Buzzfeed, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vulture, The Guardian, and more. “Stunning . . ....

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adrienne maree brown

Grievers is the story of a city so plagued by grief that it can no longer function.Dune’s mother is patient zero of a mysterious...

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Harlem Shuffle

Colson Whitehead

From two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author Colson Whitehead, a gloriously entertaining novel of heists, shakedowns and rip-offs set in Harlem in the 1960s."Ray Carney was...

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The Death of Francis Bacon

Max Porter

Madrid. Unfinished. Man dying.A great painter lies on his deathbed, synapses firing, writhing and reveling in pleasure and pain as a lifetime of chaotic...

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Once More, With Feeling

Sophie McCreesh

Calling to mind smart, deadpan and unrepentant novels such as The New Me and My Year of Rest and Relaxation, Sophie McCreesh's distinctive and...

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The Women of Troy

Pat Barker

A daring and timely feminist retelling of The Iliad from the perspective of the women of Troy who endured it--an extraordinary follow up to...

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Red X

David Demchuk

A hunted community. A haunted author. A horror that spans centuries.Men are disappearing from Toronto's gay village. They're the marginalized, the vulnerable. One by...

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After the Sun

Jonas Eika

"Like Thomas Pynchon taking on late capitalism.…surrealistic, granular in its details, and concerned with social entropy and desperate attempts at communion." —Wall Street JournalFrom...

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Having and Being Had

Eula Biss


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Daisy Johnson

A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEAR“[A] skillfully crafted gothic mystery . . . Johnson pulls off a great feat in this...

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Marilynne Robinson

OPRAH BOOK CLUB PICKNEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK and BESTSELLEROne of Time's Must-Read Books of 2020 The long-awaited fourth and last of Marilynne Robinson's Gilead...

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The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois

Honoree Fanonne Jeffers

A New York Times Book Everyone Will Be Talking About“This sweeping, brilliant and beautiful narrative is at once a love song to Black girlhood,...

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Three Rooms

Jo Hamya

A piercing howl of a novel and "a tart pleasure...with echoes of Zadie Smith and Sally Rooney," about one young woman’s endless quest for an...

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Several People Are Typing

Calvin Kasulke

A work-from-home comedy where WFH meets WTF. "An absurd, hilarious romp through the haunted house of late-stage capitalism."--Carmen Maria Machado, author of In the Dream...

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Fight Night

Miriam Toews

The beloved author of bestsellers Women Talking, All My Puny Sorrows, and A Complicated Kindness returns with a funny, smart, headlong rush of a novel...

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Marilynne Robinson

OPRAH BOOK CLUB PICKNEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK and BESTSELLEROne of Time's Must-Read Books of 2020 The long-awaited fourth and last of Marilynne Robinson's Gilead...

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The Most Precious Substance on Earth

Shashi Bhat

A humorous coming-of-age novel and a sharp-edged look at how silence can shape a life, from the winner of the Journey Prize. A Chatelaine...

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Jaime Cortez

Shedding profound natural light on the inner lives of migrant workers, Jaime Cortez’s debut collection ushers in a new era of American literature that...

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Red Pill

Hari Kunzru

A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEARA bold new novel about searching for order in a world that frames madness as truth from the...

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In the Watchful City

S. Qiouyi Lu

"This masterful work positions Lu among the vanguard of contemporary futurism and speculative fiction."—Publishers Weekly,starred reviewIn the tradition of Italo Calvino’sInvisible Cities, debut author...

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The Spectacular

Zoe Whittall

It’s taboo to regret motherhood. But what would happen if you did? Shifting perspectives and time periods, The Spectacular is a multi-generational story exploring...

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The Shaytan Bride

Sumaiya Matin

The true story of how one Muslim woman shaped her own fate and escaped her forced wedding.Sumaiya Matin was never sure if the story...

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White Resin

Audrée Wilhelmy

White Resin is an ethereal love story of the almost-impossible reconciliation between the manufactured world and the haunting and feminine nature that envelops it....

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The Pump

Sydney Warner Brooman

For fans of Shirley Jackson and Alice Munro, a Gothic collection of stories featuring carnivorous beavers, art-eaters, and family intrigue. The small southern Ontario...

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Glorious Frazzled Beings

Angélique Lalonde

Home is where we love, suffer, and learn. Some homes we chose, others are inflicted upon us, and still others are bodies we are...

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The Bradshaw Variations

Rachel Cusk

“Astonishing . . .The Bradshaw Variations is a timely, necessary story.” —ElleThomas Bradshaw and Tonie Swann are experiencing the classic symptoms of marriage in...

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Sifton Tracey Anipare

A captivating fantasy novel about demons, dreams, and a young woman teaching English in Japan.“With empathetic characters, terrifying monsters, and a cinematic feel, Yume...

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Joy Williams

In her first novel since The Quick and the Dead (a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize), the legendary writer takes us into an uncertain...

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