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Publisher — Wide Eyed Editions
Date Published — February 04, 2020
ISBN — 9780711247697

Poems Aloud

Joseph Coelho

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Publisher โ€” Wide Eyed Editions
Date Published โ€” February 04, 2020
ISBN โ€” 9780711247697

Poems are made to read OUT LOUD!

A wittily illustrated anthology of poems, designed to be read aloud. 20 poems by the award winning รข??Joseph Coelho will arm children with techniques for lifting poetry off the page and performing with confidence.

Perfect for confident children and shy readers alike, this book teaches all sorts of clever ways to performing poetry. Children will learn 20 techniques for reading aloud by trying out 20 funny and thoughtful original poems by the much loved and award-winning performance poet, Joseph Coelho. There are tongue twisters, poems to project, poems to whisper, poems to make you laugh. There are poems to perform to a whole class and others to whisper in somebody's ear. Richly textured, warm and stylish illustrations by Daniel Gray-Barnett bring each page to life.

"Poetry for children is dead. Really? Not when there are young poets like Joseph Coelho" Books for Keeps