New D+Q: Nori by Rumi Hara is officially out today!

May 12, 2020

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Nori by Rumi Hara is officially in store now!

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It is a beautiful story about a young girl growing up with her grandmother in Japan in the 80s.  

Nori goes on lots of adventures and we're brought into her world of curiosity. 

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Nori engages with the natural world. We learn a lot about East Asian folklore and Japanese mythology. She has trouble deciphering between the legends her grandmother tells her and the way the world actually is. 

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Its a magical book for all ages that will fill you with childhood splendor! 

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Our online store ships Canada-wide and we deliver by bike to lots of postal codes in Montreal! 

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Rumi Hara

A dulcet debut capturing a touching relationship between the spirited Nori and her grandma Ignatz nominated and MoCCA Arts Festival Award-winning cartoonist Rumi Hara...

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