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A Garden of Creatures

Sheila Heti

A tender and deeply moving picture book about loss and the big questions it leaves behind from New York Times bestselling author Sheila Heti...

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Eyes That Speak to the Stars

Joanna Ho

New York Times bestselling team Joanna Ho and Dung Ho present Eyes That Speak to the Stars, companion to the acclaimed Eyes That Kiss in...

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As-tu vu ma bicyclette ?

Roxane Brouillard

Découragée, une jeune fille cherche son vélo. Le jeune garçon insiste pour lui raconter son histoire. Le récit abracadabrant du garçon ne fait pas...

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Little Homesteader: A Summer Treasury of Recipes, Crafts, and Wisdom

Angela Ferraro-Fanning

Families looking for nature-based fun away from phones and screens will adore this wholesome children’s collection of cooking, crafting, and gardening projects, locally printed...

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Swim Team

Johnnie Christmas

“Combines wonderful characters and history to create a story that will make you want to dive right in!” JERRY CRAFT, author of the Newbery...

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Mapmakers and the Lost Magic

Cameron Chittock, Amanda Castillo

A young girl finds herself faced with an impossible choice—run away from her beloved valley, or unleash a hidden magic and become a Mapmaker...

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The Language of Flowers

Dena Seiferling

An adopted bumblebee learns the language of flowers from her floral family in this enchanting picture book, inspired by floriography, that celebrates one of...

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The Comet

Joe Todd-Stanton

When Nyla is forced to leave her home in the country to start life again in the city, all she can think about is...

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Le temps est une fleur

Julie Morstad

Le temps est bien plus que le tic tac de l’horloge, plus que des nombres sur un calendrier. C’est un pépin qui attend, une...

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The World Belonged to Us

Jacqueline Woodson

Two children’s book superstars—#1 New York Times bestseller Jacqueline Woodson, the author of The Day You Begin, and Leo Espinosa, the illustrator of Islandborn­—join...

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Angry Me

Sandra V. Feder

A young child tells us what makes her angry and how she tries to let the anger come and go. An artful starting point...

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The Boy with Flowers in His Hair


Jarvis offers a moving tale of friendship, kindness, and acceptance, softly touching on the subjects of illness or hardship in a way that young...

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Monsieur Pigeon et madame Mouette

Pierrette Dubé , Jasmine Mirra Turcotte

L’histoire de deux êtres seuls aux petites habitudes similaires. Léon Pigeon ne parle pas. Tous les matins il part à la recherche de trouvailles...

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In the Clouds

Elly Mackay

A luminous journey into the sky for daydreamers and cloud enthusiasts big and small, from renowned paper-diorama artist Elly MacKay.A bored and curious little...

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Miss Quinces: A Graphic Novel

Kat Fajardo

Rising star Kat Fajardo's debut middle-grade graphic novel about a girl who would rather do anything other than celebrate her quinceañera! A funny...

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Hooves or Hands?

Rosie Haine

A surreal and playful exploration of our relationship with horsesWhich would you rather have? Hooves or hands? Four legs or two? Eat food or...

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Your Birthday Was the Best!

Maggie Hutchings

The story of an eager cockroach who gate-crashes a birthday party -- with hilarious results. For fans of I Don't Want to Be a...

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Porque sí

Mac Barnett

Before going to sleep, a curious girl asks her dad why the sea is blue, why the trees lose their leaves in the autumn,...

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