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Dictionary of Dinosaurs

Dictionary of Dinosaurs is a fact-packed guide to the prehistoric world, from the Triassic to the Cretaceous—as well as from A to Z. Learn about...

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Doughnuts and Doom

Balazs Lorinczi

Being a teenage witch—or rock star—is tougher than it looks! But maybe enemies can become friends…or more? Flying brooms and electric guitars set hearts...

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Les ballons d'eau

Sarah Degonse , Élodie Duhameau

Comme beaucoup d'enfants, Charlie est hypersensible. Dans sa tête et dans son coeur, il y a plein d'émotions qui se disputent pour prendre le...

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An Illustrated History of Ghosts

Adam Allsuch Boardman

From haunted ranches to epic maritime legends of the 19th century, devour stories of our world's oldest hauntings and unexplainable phenomena in hair-raising accounts...

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All of Our Demise

Amanda Foody, Christine Lynn Herman

All of Our Demise is the epic conclusion to Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman’s New York Times bestselling All of Us Villains duology.“I...

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Jennifer Dugan

In this queer, paranormal YA graphic novel debut from the author of Some Girls Do and the illustrator of Wonder Woman: Warbringer, a young...

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Sophie Blackall

This glorious new picture book from two-time Caldecott Medalist Sophie Blackall is as lavish and moving a tribute to a storied, beloved place as...

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Garlic and the Witch

Bree Paulsen

Bree Paulsen’s brave little protagonist, Garlic, is back in this charmingly illustrated standalone companion to Garlic and the Vampire, serving up another tale of...

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Pauline et le Zipoclic

Anouk Mahiout , Marjolaine Perreten

Un matin, Agathe arrive à l’école avec la dernière nouveauté : un Zipoclic! Un jouet vraiment spécial qui fait tout. Dès lors, Pauline n’a...

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Hooky Volume 2

Míriam Bonastre Tur

This magical adventure from the #1 digital comic platform WEBTOON continues as Dani and Dorian answer the question they’ve been avoiding: could one of...

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The Stone Child

David A. Robertson

It's a race against time to save Eli, in this third book in the award-winning, Narnia-inspired Indigenous middle-grade fantasy series. After discovering a near-lifeless Eli...

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If You Cry like a Fountain

Noemi Vola

A quirky and surprisingly funny picture book about the many practical uses for tears, for fans of Big Feelings.In an attempt to cheer up...

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Greg Pizzoli

From Geisel Award-winning author Greg Pizzoli comes a hilarious and mouth-watering history of pizza.Do YOU like PIZZA? Because right now, somewhere in the world,...

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Mi libro favorito en el mundo entero (My Very Favorite Book in the Whole Wide World)

Malcolm Mitchell

Henley doesn’t like to read—but the right book is about to change thatTe presentamos a Henley, un buen chico que nunca ha leído...

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Nadine Robert , Qin Leng

Trèfle et sa famille habitent dans une ferme . À la chèvrerie, il y a toujours un tas de choses à faire, comme cueillir...

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Ma peau

Sarahmée Ouellet , Niti Marcelle Mueth

Lancée en 2019, Ma peau est une chanson de l'artiste hip-hop Sarahmée Ouellet où la fierté de ses origines est mis de l'avant. L'oeuvre...

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Invisible: A Graphic Novel

Christina Diaz Gonzalez

For fans of Twins and Allergic, a must-have graphic novel about five very different students who are forced together by their school to...

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Where Is Everybody?

Remy Charlip

Created by the prolific and visionary Remy Charlip, this singular picture book begins with an empty scene, asking "Where is everybody?" Gradually, Charlip introduces...

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Orbie, dessine-moi un billibouton

Frédérick Wolfe , Orbie

Ça ne va pas du tout. Ça fait trois semaines et dix jours que Fred tente de dessiner un billibouton. Désespéré, il se tourne...

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Forever Truffle

Fanny Britt

Fanny Britt and Isabelle Arsenault are back with a new graphic novel, this time featuring Truffle, younger brother, best friend, aspiring rockstar …  Meet...

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A Spoonful of Frogs

Casey Lyall

Frogs are the most important ingredient in a witch’s favorite treat—but they are also the hardest to get into the cauldron! From acclaimed author Casey...

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Leo + Lea

Monica Wesolowska

A beautiful celebration of friendship, math, and art that honors different ways of seeing and being in the world. Oneboyloves numbers.Everywhere he lookshe...

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Elle tourne comme ça

Martine Laffon , Icinori

Le voyage dans l'espace de quatre géants, qui découvrent l'eau, la terre, le feu et l'air. Un soir de lune grise, le Soleil, fatigué...

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Because You Are

Jael Richardson

A picture book about self-esteem, inner beauty and making a difference from celebrated author, festival organizer and diversity advocate Jael Richardson Little one,there’s something you...

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Frankie's World: A Graphic Novel

Aoife Dooley

From acclaimed Autistic Irish comedian Aoife Dooley comes a fresh and funny debut middle-grade graphic novel about fitting in and standing out.Frankie is...

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Burt's Way Home

John Martz

A cosmic accident has left Burt stranded on Earth . . . or so he says. An early graphic novel of foster care and...

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Tapwe and the Magic Hat

Buffy Sainte-Marie

"Beautiful, poignant and poetic. This story will weave its way into the hearts and minds of readers for generations."—Monique Gray Smith, author of My...

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The Flower Garden

Renée Kurilla

A magical graphic novel adventure perfect for fans of Peter & Ernesto or Tiger vs. Nightmare After planting a seed packet in the backyard,...

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Berry Song

Michaela Goade

Caldecott Medalist Michaela Goade's first self-authored picture book is a gorgeous celebration of the land she knows well and the powerful wisdom of elders.On an...

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Dolorès Wilson

Jean-Marc Mathis , Aurore Petit

Regroupe les cinq aventures de Dolorès Wilson, super-héroïne et intérimaire qui fait tous les jours un nouveau métier : espionne, caissière, conductrice de bulldozer,...

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Des jours comme ça

Oriane Smith , Alice Gravier

Un jour ordinaire peut n’être que ça : ordinaire. Mais il peut aussi être extraordinaire et rempli de surprises ! Il s’agit d’être attentif...

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Curse of the Chosen vol. 1

Alexis Deacon

After an evil sorceress casts a spell, a community is sent into a tailspin, fighting for survival. Book one of the mind-bending graphic novel...

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Professor Goose Debunks Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Paulette Bourgeois

The first in a new series by the author of Franklin the Turtle! Join Professor Goose in this STEM-filled picture book as she fact-checks...

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Pleins gaz!

Catherine David , Charles-Édouard Carrier , Francis Léveillée

Elles sont symbole de liberté, et certaines sont devenues des légendes ! De la fin du 19e siècle à aujourd’hui, les motos ont changé...

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Party Animals

Katherine Battersby

Cranky Chicken and Speedy the worm are back in another laugh-out-loud, brightly illustrated, and heartwarming chapter book as Speedy tries to plan a party...

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Valentina Salazar is Not a Monster Hunter

Zoraida Córdova

“Monsters, mayhem, and a little family magic will have readers rooting for Valentina!” -- Kwame Mbalia, New York Times bestselling author It takes...

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Keezy Young

"It's a pleasure to lose yourself in the beautiful artwork, and one of the loveliest queer romances I've ever read." — K. O'Neil, author of The...

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Cat's Cradle: The Golden Twine

Jo Rioux

Jo Rioux (illustrator of M. T. Anderson's highly acclaimed The Daughters of Ys) makes her debut as a writer-illustrator in this fantasy-adventure graphic novel...

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You Are My Favorite Color

Gillian Sze

A lyrical story of parental love that celebrates and takes pride in the many shades of brown skin. Perfect for fans of I Am...

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La fille venue de la mer

Molly Knox Ostertag

See below for English description.Morgan, âgée de 15 ans, a un secret : elle souhaite quitter la petite île parfaite où elle vit....

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Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun

Tolá Okogwu

Black Panther meets X-Men in this action-packed and empowering middle grade adventure about a British Nigerian girl who learns that her Afro hair has...

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The Wind & the Clover

Audrey Helen Weber

From an acclaimed up-and-coming artist comes a gorgeous tribute to imagination, curiosity, and following your dreams, perfect for fans of Julie Fogliano and Carson...

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Valérie Picard

Boumbidoum est un DingPlouf! Il est venu sur terre suite à une épidémie de fous rires qui a eu pour effet de surpeupler sa...

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There Is a Flower at the Tip of My Nose Smelling Me

Alice Walker

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and activist Alice Walker invites readers young and old to see the world—and our place in it—through new eyes in this...

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The Boy and the Mountain

Mario Bellini

A boy sets off to draw a mountain in this thoughtful exploration of art and the creative process. For fans of Hike by Pete...

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Baby Squeaks

Anne Hunter

A baby mouse says their first word, and their second, and then many, many more in this hilarious and relatable parenting moment by Geisel Honoree...

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I Want to Be a Vase

Julio Torres

Former SNL writer and comedic rising star Julio Torres takes readers on a journey through the lives and intimate dramas of some of the...

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Lizzy and the Cloud

Terry Fan, Eric Fan

From the critically acclaimed, award-winning creators of Ocean Meets Sky and The Night Gardener comes a whimsical and sweet tale of a young girl...

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Marika McCoola

From Eisner-Award nominated writer Marika McCoola and debut artist Aatmaja Pandya, an emotional coming-of-age graphic novel for fans of Bloom and Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up...

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Anthony Et La Gargouille

Jo Ellen Bogart

La maison d’Anthony est remplie de photos de famille : voyages de ses parents à Paris, portrait de sa grand-tante française, et même un...

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Welcome to St. Hell: My Trans Teen Misadventure: A Graphic Novel

Lewis Hancox

A groundbreaking memoir about being a trans teen, in the vein of FUN HOME and FLAMER... and at the same time entirely its...

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To Make

Danielle Davis

A stunning picture book ode to the joys of the creative process and the spirit of collaboration. This lyrical story from Danielle Davis and...

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How to Raise an Antiracist

Ibram X. Kendi

The book that every parent, caregiver, and teacher needs to raise the next generation of antiracist thinkers, from the #1 New York Times bestselling...

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Heart Takes the Stage


"Warm, funny, and a visual delight, Steenz's take on Heart of the City is next-level."  –Dana Simpson, Phoebe and Her UnicornThis first book collection...

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Bug Boys: Adventures and Daydreams

Laura Knetzger

When two bug friends leave their small hometown, they realize there's a lot to learn about the outside world and themselves! This middle grade...

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