Adèle Barclay + Klara du Plessis Double Launch

November 15, 2019

Adèle Barclay + Klara du Plessis Double Launch

Tonight, a great crowd braved the unseasonable cold to join the double launch of Adèle Barclay and Klara du Plessis, with Tess Liem as a special guest. Adèle and Klara presented their new books, Renaissance Normcore and Unfurl. The event was hosted by Alex Manley and started with Tess Liem reading some poems.

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Then, Klara du Plessis read her new chapbook Unfurl. We were given explanations about this beautiful title : " Unfurl is the gesture of a frond uncurling itself, standing upright, broad-shouldered and confident"...

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Adèle Barclay rounded the evening out with funny and delicate poetry. The author confessed, laughing : " I used to study biology because my father forbade me from pursuing literature, moving to Montreal and being gay, eventually I accomplished all three. "

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Klara du Plessis

The Devil’s Whim Occasional Chapbook Series: No. 41

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Renaissance Normcore

Adèle Barclay

Renaissance Normcore belts like a classically trained riot grrrl, composing catchy tunes in the key of fear and desire. Building on the dreamy emotional landscapes...

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