Connor Willumsen launches 'Bradley of Him'!

November 28, 2019

Connor Willumsen launches 'Bradley of Him'!

    It was a full house tonight for the launch of Connor Willumsen's new book, Bradley of Him. The book focuses on the complexity of character and method by following a runner on his quest through the glare of neighboring La Vegas surroundings.

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Connor took us on a journey through his creative process behind the crusade to make Bradley of Him. We became eager pupils to the meticulous aspects of his interest in perspective, collage, and Matthew Mcconaughey's acceptance speech at the 86th Oscars; 2014’s Academy Awards. Connor explained that he’s fascinated with "perspective as an abstract concept that you can manipulate", and that this was the driving force behind the layout of Bradley of Him. The night was packed with compelling details such as these behind Connors comic making process. He confided that to him, "scale can be changed based on importance", and "depth in a comic book is extremely flexible".

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Connor signing books at tonight's event.
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Full house tonight!

Connor: "I'm really interested in athletic wear costumes, flourishing running clothes."

Audience member: "Do you run?"

Connor: "No I don't."

"You can wear jeans to run but no one does, because visually you look like you've robbed someone."

Connor kept us all laughing throughout the night. Thanks to everyone who came out and special thanks to Annie Koyama from an amazing 10 year run of Koyama Press and making this book possible!

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