Leïka’s Review of Where I'm Coming From!

March 31, 2023

Leïka’s Review of Where I'm Coming From!

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Where I’m Coming From is a collection of comics by Barbara Brandon-Croft, the first Black woman to have a comic strip nationally syndicated. The book collects strips from 1989 to 2005 together with details from Brandon’s-Crofts artistic journey.

I was amazed at how directly it engaged so many contemporary issues during its run. Twenty years later since its publication and the comics hold up and are very much still relevant! It is timeless in that the jokes and issues are still relevant to the lives of Black women today. I was impressed with the comic strip selected. I love how the art is just the hands and heads of the characters, which focuses on their conversations and their expressions. Let this be a reminder: the canon of comics is as much as concerned with labour and gender and racial structural issues. No one is erased. Thus, Black people have always been here, including Black women cartoonists beyond written work!

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