Custom Painted Window Display!

March 7, 2019

Custom Painted Window Display!
The inimitable Julie Delporte stopped by the shop this week, for a special custom window display!
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We cleared some space in the front of the store to make room for Julie's materials. 

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Painting begins!

Full width 1552082661 juliemethodically

Working methodically: checking proportions, colours & making adjustments. 

Full width 1552082661 juliechecking

Daylight fades to darkness. A comet traverses the sky.

Full width 1552082661 juliecomet
The finished product:
Full width 1552082661 juliefinished

Don't miss Julie's launch of This Woman's Work this Friday, March 8th! 

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This Woman's Work

Julie Delporte

A profound and personal exploration of the intersections of womanhood, femininity, and creativity. This Woman?s Work is a powerfully raw autobiographical work that asks vital...

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