Event Recap: Seth launches Clyde Fans!

May 31, 2019

Event Recap: Seth launches Clyde Fans!

Last week, we were delighted to host acclaimed cartoonist and one of D+Q's first published authors, Seth, for the Montreal launch of his latest graphic novel, Clyde Fans.  

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Our team worked hard assembling antique furniture and fans to bring to life the iconic office of Clyde Fans from the book. 

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Wouldn't you love to work at a beautiful wooden desk like this? 
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We even had a miniature of a building from Dominion!

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Seth was in conversation with D+Q's executive editor, Tom Devlin. He did a presentation on Clyde Fans, which was followed by a short animated film he created. 

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It's not hyperbolic to call Clyde Fans a masterpiece: Seth worked on it for over 20 years! The story follows Abe and Simon Matchcard, two brothers whose lives are defined by their doomed family business, selling oscillating fans in a world switching to air conditioning. It has been aptly blurbed as an "epic yet intimate time capsule of the mid-century capitalist dream." Seth told the audience about starting it back in 1997, when email was still somewhat of a novelty, and seemed quite cutting edge at the time, so the book is indeed a time capsule in more ways than one!  

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After the presentation, Seth kindly signed books for attendees.

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Bookstore director Rebecca Lloyd got into the spirit, with a period-appropriate outfit and hairdo! 

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A good time was had by all! 

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After the event, we left the space open over the weekend so that anyone who wasn't able to attend could stop in and explore the Clyde Fans office IRL! A big thank you to Seth, and to all the attendees who made the launch one to remember. 

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