Climate Crisis Reading: Watch Your Head

October 28, 2020

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Watch Your Head: Writers and Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis (Coach House Press, 2020) has arrived in store! 

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There are so many wonderful (and store favourite) contributors in this anthology. Terese Mason Pierre, Jordan Abel, Kaie Kellough, Erin Robinsong, Sarah Mangle, Waubgeshig Rice, CA Conrad, Whitney French, Sue Goyette, Erín Moure, Canisia Lubrin, Nicole Brossard, Mercedes Eng, Oana Avasilichioaei, Carrianne Leung, Sina Queyras, Jacob Wren, Pablo Strauss and many others contribute! 

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The collection features poems, art, stories, and essays. 

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There is even a comic!  

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Contributors grapple with the existential crisis that is climate collapse. Writers and artists confront confront colonization, racism, and the social inequalities that are endemic to this crisis, and call for immediate action. 

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As booksellersand humans living in 2020we see it as a responsibility to continuously inform ourselves on numerous topics of importance, one of them being the climate crisis. We highly recommend this collection.  

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Pick up the book from our online store, which ships Canada-wide, and delivers by bike in Montreal. We're also open for browsing, for now, 11-6 every day. 

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Watch Your Head

A warning, a movement, a collection borne of protest. In Watch Your Head, poems, stories, essays, and artwork sound the alarm on the present...

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