Art Life by Catherine Ocelot!

May 15, 2020

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Art Life by Catherine Oucelot has arrived in store!

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The book was originally published as La vie d'artiste from Mechanique Génerale. We are thrilled  this bestselling graphic novel now exists in English, translated by Aleshia Jensen! The book is Ocelot's first book published in English & is sure to find a wide audience, as the book did here in  Quebec and throughout la Francophonie.

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The book is beautifully drawn in Ocelot's signature style, with bright amorphous anthropomorphic blobs animating.  It is a profound meditation on art, creativity, parenting, family, friends and life as a young parent.

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The collection of short stories occelate between Ocelot's interviews with creative types accross Montreal and her day to day experiences living as an artist. The book fonctions in some ways as a tour of the arts scene in Montreal.

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Makes for some interesting encounters.

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In one of the stories there is even an appearance by a certain mile end book store (AHEM!) and authors and former Librairie Drawn & Quarterly staff members Julie Delporte and Daphné B!

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Recognize anywhere familiar!?
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We think you'll love this comic, from it's bold style and creative use of lettering to the content which at times serious, contemplative, philisophic and at times totally silly, playful and hilarious.

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Grab a copy from our online store. We can get it delivered to you by bike (if you live in these area codes) and can ship it to you no matter where you reside in Canada!

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