Bikes + Books = <3

May 11, 2021

Bikes + Books = <3

Bike Season is back in Montréal! 

Here are some of our favourite bike books.

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Of course we must begin with a graphic novel! 

Sophie Yanow’s wonderful The Contradictions features stories about growing up, traveling in Europe, philosophical questions about life, and of course, bikes!

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Elly Blue's Bikenomics provides a insight on how using our two wheels to get around contributes to ways that we spend our money, as families and as a society. It is a story of people, businesses, organizations, and cities who are investing in transportation en vélo

The first of a few books by Elie Blue that we're featuring here!

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Freetom to Ride: Mide the Cycling Gender Gap #2 by Tiffany F. Lam features women's stories of bicycling and empowerment. 
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The Bike Repair Book is what it alludes to be: a one-stop guide to simple bicycle repairs and quick fixes.

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Biketopia is a compilation of feminist sci-fi stories. Apocalyptic. Dystopian and ecotopian visions. Edited by Elly Blue.
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The Joy of Cycling is a collection of inspirational quotes about how biking is awesome. We stan.
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Fourteen stories (and one comic!!) which feature dragons and cyclists: from the great, winged, fire-breathing lizards of the west to the wise, to flying serpents of the east.

Dragon Bike is another title edited by Elly Blue.

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For folks just getting into cycling: Everyday Bicycling.

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Lastly, we bring you Bikes Not Rockets, edited by Elly Blue which is a collection of intersectional, feminist bike sci-fi tales.

All of the books feature are available from our online store, and yes, we deliver by bike in Montreal!

Happy Reading & Happy Riding <3