Coach House Fall Poetry Launch!

October 7, 2019

Coach House Fall Poetry Launch!
The band - on tour.

We gathered 'round this evening to welcome Andrew Zawacki, K.B. Thors, and Vincent Pagé for the Coach House Fall Poetry Launch featuring their latest: Unsun, Vulgar Mechanics, and This is the Emergency Present!

Andrew: "There’s a chair up there!"
Kara: "It would feel weird to sit in it though. Maybe you will, Vincent."
Vincent did not sit in the chair.

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Andrew starts us off.

Gratophoph - a son’s attempt to say photograph.

"This is not a waiting room for souls - it is modern, totally unwindowed."
"We are not separated on the journey - my mouth keeps springing open."

Regarding the tour: "It’s great to be reading here with Vincent and Kara. I feel like we’re on some Literary Survivor or something…there were eight of us when we started in Toronto and even the mighty Gail Scott wasn’t there the next day!"

Who then will be the last one standing?
"Despite Vincent here, my money’s on Kara."

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Kara reads from Urban Dictionary - for a friend, Jessie.

On Montreal: "I was told this is my home reading - I did just move here."

"I’m reading this for my friend Amy who I’m so glad is into Star Trek!"
Reading from Resting Bitch Face Daughter of Thor: "Bodies at rest will stay at rest. Bodies in motion will pussyfoot several extra blocks to go anywhere other than home… What if everyone had hammers on their garters walking the street?"

Tank Top "...this goes out to all the Tops out there."

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Vincent closes the night.

Reading from Armistice:

"Give me hackneyed words because they are 

What’s left in the end...

Throw me from a cliff 

Plz & thx


"So I didn't wear a helmet 

So I stopped crossing streets in designated crossing areas 

So I fed a raccoon some Pringles"

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Andrew Zawacki

Poetry that aspires ?to conjugate in a future imperfect,' but a future nonetheless. In his fifth poetry volume, American poet Andrew Zawacki expands his...

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Vulgar Mechanics

K.B. Thors

Grappling with queerness and trauma from Alberta to Brooklyn, powering through body, sex, and gender to hit free open roads In Vulgar Mechanics, K....

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Thumb 1570495634 9781552453995 cover1 rb modalcover

This is the Emergency Present

Vincent Pagé

Poems about modern romance by a modern romantic Moving through a human landscape that exists both in the past and present, the speaker/speakers in...

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