Have a Look: Colourful Graphic Novels

December 2, 2018

Have a Look: Colourful Graphic Novels
Check out some of our most colourful comics!
When I was growing up, one of the reasons I most looked forward to visiting my grandparents was knowing I'd have the chance to read the colour comics they'd saved from the paper. Since they lived in a bigger city, there were even more weekend comics to read than in our local paper. I feel the same excitement today whenever I pick up these graphic novels. There's always something a little bit magical about reading in colour. The books featured here cast an even greater spell with expansive palettes, mesmerizing patterns, and innovative storytelling. 
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Rebecca Rosen

Julia Marten's a mess: she's running out of inheritance money, failing out of art school, and haunted by the ghost of her depressed mother....

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Coyote Doggirl

Lisa Hanawalt

A raucous and fierce Western by the BoJack Horseman producer/production designer and award-winning cartoonist Coyote is a dreamer and a drama queen, brazen and...

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Tara Booth

Nocturne is Booth's first wide release, following her critically acclaimed short-run debut, DUII. In his wordless graphic novella, Booth covers autobiographical themes of mental...

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Crawl Space

Jesse Jacobs

In the basement, through the appliances and past the veil that separates realities, lies a rainbow-hued world where a group of kids have found...

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The Lie And How We Told It

Tommi Parrish

Parrish’s emotionally loaded, painted graphic novel is is a visual tour de force, always in the service of the author’s themes: navigating queer desire,...

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Everywhere Antennas

Julie Delporte

A poetic novel that plumbs the depths of self-doubt and technological fatigueJulie Delporte'sEverywhere Antennasis a deeply affecting, sparely constructed novel, equal partsWalden andThe Bell...

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Big Kids

Michael DeForge

Teenage misfits and adolescent rabble-rousing take center stage in this dark coming-of-age tale Big Kids is simultaneously Michael DeForge's most straightforward narrative and his...

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Brecht Evens

Evens is the finest ambassador for Belgian illustration since Hergé. - The Guardian Brecht Evens, the award-winning author of The Wrong Place and The...

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How To Be Happy

Eleanor Davis

Eleanor Davis’s How to be Happy is the artist’s first collection of graphic/literary short stories. Davis is one of the finest cartoonists of her...

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