Lynda Barry's Making Comics is out today!

November 5, 2019

Lynda Barry's Making Comics is out today!

Lynda Barry is back with another mind-expanding experiential book! More extensive than her previous works about creativity and drawing, Making Comics is the closest it gets to attending Barry’s Graphic Novels class.

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The book takes us on a practical journey of self-discovery that aims to untangle ourselves from being overly self-critical, self-conscious, self-doubting. Barry reminds us drawing doesn’t need to be realistic or even nice-looking, it can (and should) be messy and spontaneous! She starts the book exploring children’s creativity and the way language and words were, at some point in our lives, part of the same impulse. It is fascinating to see how that effortless playfulness gets crushed as we are shaped into adulthood! Barry wants us to breakthrough and loosen up!

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She asks of her students and readers a quality of presence that allows movements and lines to guide us through a deeper understanding and expression. To provoke us into letting go of the fear, she assigns a specific timeframe for each exercise as well as a stimulating guideline. She also supports us with personal advice and examples, making things less daunting.

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Exercises include “Tandem Drawing”, “Two Hands at Once”, “Face Jams”, “Sister Images Diary” (of twin moments at different times), and “Variations on a Theme”. Making Comics is a beautiful, exciting read, even without participating actively! It has this unique quality of making you want to take a trip in colors and shapes, in the unknown, untapped potential of one’s imagination.

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Lynda Barry will be in discussion with Chris Ware on Wednesday, November 20th at the Rialto Hall, 7pm. Get your tickets here!

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Making Comics

Lynda Barry

The idiosyncratic curriculum from the Professor of Interdisciplinary Creativity will teach you how to draw and write your story Hello students, meet Professor Skeletor....

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