So many feelings, and so many laughs - Fawn Parker and Tara McGowan-Ross Join Forces

December 11, 2019

So many feelings, and so many laughs - Fawn Parker and Tara McGowan-Ross Join Forces
"I make time for art at the expense of my relationships."

It was a delight to host Fawn Parker and Tara McGowan-Ross for the double launch of Set Point and The Scorpion Season! I swung from laughter, to tears, and back. 20% of book sales from the evening was donated to Last Door Recovery and Treatment Centre in memory of Tara's brother, who had gotten sober with their help.

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Fawn reads from Set Point.
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"Frequently my own vagina surprised me..."

"I don’t get what the job is."
"Ahhh the job... Anything beyond is optional and extra pay he said."
"Okay I said"

Tara picks up with Scorpion Season: It's a book about trauma, but also a book about love; about how if you try hard enough the love can make things less shity.
"If I dream of a house it smells like lilacs - is that rain I hear - or a swarm of wasps?"
On different timelines: it's like Doctor Who but with depression.

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Tara: So you wrote a whole novel in three months?
Fawn: I started one this month and finished it! NaNoWriMo - I don’t recommend it! I have a stationary bike - ride 40 minutes then write. It’s a Marcy. I don’t actually think about writing when I’m on the bike; I watch a show called Working Moms. The endorphin rush puts me into a place where I can write.

Fawn: Why poetry?
Tara: I used to write fiction before got distracted by poetry for like 7 years. I had a writing group at my place called "Alt Write" until Charlottesville and it wasn’t funny anymore. Now we call it "Writemares".

On the personal entry point, Tara was inspired by the work of Elizabeth Bishop - started raw and confessional, moving on to iteration and editing until the work was done. 
The narrative in Scorpion is fiction though some of it is real.
Fawn: I also use myself as an entry-point. *innuendo alert* I tried to ride that line, but going forward I don’t think I’ll be doing that again.

Tara: All insults in the books are real insults about the manuscript verbatim.
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By their powers combined...
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