The arrival of L'arabe du futur 5 makes a bad day, a little better

December 4, 2020

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I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of L’arabe du futur 5.  And it couldn’t have come in at a better moment.  After dealing with endlessly frustrating IT issues at the store all morning (and afternoon, and still going on at the time of this being published…..); after being asked if I was pregnant (I’m not.  Just eating my way through the pandemic), and yeah, pandemic!  I was so excited that when this book came out of the box I basically teared up, clutched it and called it my baby.  A nice person in the store saw my excitement and assumed I was the author, no my friend, that is just the level of my book love.

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L'Arabe du futur Volume 5

Riad Sattouf

L'auteur raconte son adolescence dans ce cinquième tome de la série.

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Rebecca Lloyd

Rebecca Lloyd

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