New D+Q: Let's Not Talk Anymore by Weng Pixin

June 22, 2021

New D+Q: Let's Not Talk Anymore by Weng Pixin

Today, Drawn & Quarterly releases Weng Pixin’s delicately-rendered, vibrant comic, Let’s Not Talk Anymore. This new book follows her 2020 publication, Sweet Time which garnered critical acclaim from Ms. Magazine, Shelf Awareness, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and more.

With acrylic paintings and collaged text, Pix creates a narrative tapestry wherein the stories of five women are told. Each woman is a member of Pix’s matrilineal ancestry, from her great grandmother Kuān to Pix’s own fictional daughter Rita. 

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The stories weave about each other in fascinating ways as Pix plays with time and space, depicting each woman as a flawed, burgeoning fifteen-year-old. Pix explains that the comic itself was a thought experimenta way to imagine her foremothers as human beings, and to empathize with their struggles. 

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Pix’s great grandmother Kuān is sent away from her family in South China, her grandmother Mèi is adopted by a neighbor to help with housework, and her mother Bīng is heartbroken by her father’s estrangement. Pixin’s own story centres on her fraught relationship with her mother. Her fictional daughter is enamored by plants and visual art, and is as free and curious as a baby bird. 

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With immense sensitivity and soft grace, Pix dares to tackle the difficult subject of mother-daughter relationships and maternal kinship. Her work is visually remarkable, narratively captivating, and deeply honest. Pick up your copy today! 

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Weng Pixin

A five-generation family history told through what is seen and heard, if not said Let?s Not Talk Anymore weaves together five generations of women...

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