New D+Q: Rebecca & Lucie in The Case of the Missing Neighbor by Pascal Girard

June 30, 2021

New D+Q: Rebecca & Lucie in The Case of the Missing Neighbor by Pascal Girard

Celebrated Montreal-based comic artist Pascal Girard has a new mat-leave murder mustery comic to share and it’s in store now! Rebecca & Lucie in The Case of the Missing Neighbor centers a mother (Rebecca) whose near the end of her maternity leave and happens to spot a mysterious white minivan in her back alley during a nighttime breastfeeding session. Later, when she hears a neighbor has gone missing, she decides to take a stab at putting together a case. Pascal’s wit is searing, his watercolours charming, and his entire aesthetic makes this hilarious new novel the perfect summer read. 

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As Rebecca investigates the missing Eduardo Morales, a local personal support worker, she interviews grocery store workers, patients of Morales, and all kinds of relations. She even disguises herself as a pillow entrepreneur to snag an interview with a suspicious accountant. Her investigation is exciting and will have you anxiously awaiting the next piece of the puzzle! 

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Sweet little Lulu accompanies Rebecca on her quest throughout the Mile End. Sometimes Rebecca has to take care of diaper changes, kegel classes, Mommy yoga, day-care drop offs and other mothering tasks. Pascal effortlessly weaves the narrative of early motherhood into his murder mystery, making it an apt commentary on the struggles facing new parents.

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As Pascal says in his latest Instagram live event with D+Q, “The real Rebecca decided to do a Mile End walking tour inspired by the real locations of my book. If you are in the neighborhood and want to travel with a comic as a guide, this is the perfect map for you!” And come see our 211 storefront as well, where Pascal has created an adorable window display. 

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Rebecca & Lucie in The Case of the Missing Neighbor is in store today. Pick up a copy now! 

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Rebecca and Lucie in the Case of the Missing Neighbor

Pascal Girard

A mat-leave murder mystery, complete with post-partum physiotherapy and suspicious grocery store footage Rebecca?s got an eight-month-old baby and a mystery to investigate! Late...

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