Puzzles We Recommend!

April 14, 2020

All four of these puzzles we've got in store right now and can ship to you today! Click through to our online store and select the La Petite D+Q 176 Bernard Ouest location. 

We've had lots of fun doing puzzles recently. It's refreshing to use a different part of our brain. (Complements reading nicely, if we do say so ourselves!)

Full width 1586893618 img 0508

This puzzle is about the Solar System!

Full width 1586893618 img 0509

Celui-ci est un circuit de voitures! 

Full width 1586893618 img 0511

Celle-là un terrain de la construction. / This one is about construction. 

Full width 1586893618 img 0510

Lastly we've got a very colourful book about our solar system! 

Happy reading and happy puzzling! 

Luke Langille