Emma Jacobs launches "The Little(r) Museums of Paris"

June 19, 2019

Emma Jacobs launches "The Little(r) Museums of Paris"

Are you a lover of the City of Lights? Do you enjoy visiting museums when on vacation? Do you love to read? If yes, then Emma Jacobs' book, The Little(r) Museums of Paris, is for you.
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Emma Jacobs talking about her book, The Little(r) Museums of Paris.
Emma Jacobs came to D+Q this evening for the launch of her first book, The Little(r) Museums of Paris. She projected some of her illustrations and explained the process of making them. Emma also listed some her favorite museums around the city  (among them was the Museum of Magic, where they perform live magic tricks for the visitors - very cool!). 
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The beautifully illustrated inside of Emma Jacobs' book.

The Little(r) Museums of Paris explores the lesser-known museums of the city, from the Musée Picasso, to the Musée Yves Saint Laurent, to the Musée de la Vie Romantique, among many others. The book is divided into nine chapters, one for each different type of museum (art museum, history museum, ...). There is a museum for everybody in Paris! The book also has incredibly beautiful illustrations on every page. They are watercolor drawings of the different museums, gardens and artifacts in and around the sites. 

Thank you, Emma Jacobs, for launching this wonderful book at our store.
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The Little(r) Museums of Paris

Emma Jacobs

Discover a new side of Paris, hidden in plain sight, with this beautifully illustrated guide to the city's smaller collections and best-kept secrets, from...

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