Summer Reads 2024 - Jules

June 12, 2024

Summer Reads 2024 - Jules

With the kind of May we just had, summer in Montreal announces itself to be the frizzy-haired,  turn-your-brain-off type of hot–but that doesn’t stop the page-turners. Buzzy, electrifying, pop-rockets kind of books; that’s what I’ve been on the hunt for, and what I’ll be turning to when I’m canal-side, park-bound, or dreading when my fan gives out.

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Rita Bullwinkel

Named a Best Book of 2024 (So Far) by The New York Times Book Review and Vulture “Make room, American fiction, for a meaningful new...

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This sweaty, adrenaline-filled exploration of the teen girl boxer psyche was a blast. The cast of the “Daughters Of America'' boxing tournament are brilliant and biting. Bulwinkell’s euphemisms and metaphors–the boxers all strive to “touch their fist to another girl’s body”–are deeply precise; like her characters, they’re both unique and ruthless. 

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The Tree Doctor

Marie Mutsuki Mockett

A startling, erotic novel about the need to balance care for others with care for one’s selfWhen the unnamed narrator of Marie Mutsuki Mockett’s...

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By tending to her ailing mother's garden, this specific work of love and labor, Mutsuki Mockett's protagonist (re)discovers her sense of self, her agency and sexuality. I loved every attentive description of flora and fauna, and the hope and hurt and liberation that her relationship with the Tree Doctor bring. A deeply lush and beautiful book about "wanting to be alive, if you are going to go through the trouble of staying alive."
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All Fours

Miranda July

AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERThe New York Times bestselling author returns with an irreverently sexy, tender, hilarious and surprising novel about a woman...

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If there’s a theme in my latest favorite reads, it’s “nameless middle-aged women have weird relationships with their bodies and sex.” My reading experience for these two books was Mutsuki Mockett: shot; Miranda July: chaser.

Thirty minutes into the cross-country drive that’s supposed to change her life, a semi-famous artist pulls off the highway and slowly–then enthusiastically, and with great tenacity–throws her life off the rails. Reading Miranda July is a ravenous exercise: every chapter makes me want to dig and scratch and stuff my nose in dirt, scarf down another worm. ALL FOURS is the you-should-read-this summer book; exhilarating and horny and delicious. 

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My Favorite Plant

ed. Jamaica Kincaid

Kincaid gathers a sparkling selection of new and beloved poetry and prose about each author’s favorite flora. The passion for gardening and the passion...

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While staring down my sprouts and chasing off squirrels, this collection of essays, prose and poetry is where I’ll find solace. Edited and introduced by Jamaica Kincaid, this anthology ranges the garden bed from beans to roses, root to tip. Green thumbs, plant lovers, and poets at heart; enjoy a walk through the flower bed with “writers who garden and gardeners who write.”

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Freddy Carrasco

Enter a future of defiant vitality in GLEEMImbued with cyberpunk attitude and in the rebellious tradition of afrofuturism, GLEEM is drawn with a fierce...

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As for the comics on this list, how can I not start off with what might be my all-time favorite? Freddy Carrasco is an absolute powerhouse of cartooning, and has the kind of masterful use of negative space that should be taught in schools. The scrappy cyberpunk world of GLEEM is so damn fun and stylish and imaginative; stunning and energetic from start to finish.

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My Body Unspooling

Fox, Leo

“My name is Lucille, and me and my body have broken up.”Lucille and his body are constantly at odds. Lucille is too cold and...

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Boy Island

Fox, Leo

"Poor Lucille. You are in the elbow of your life, the place where it bends. What will you do?"Your name is Lucille. You live...

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Fox’s last book, PROKARYOTE SEASON, was an immediate, unanimous staff fave, so nothing’s got me more excited than knowing two new titles are on the horizon. These two transmasc fables on belonging and the (dis)connection between body and mind ooze with Fox’s signature style.

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Nino Bulling

Everything is changing–– but everything is also exactly the same. Ingken can’t ignore it: ice caps stained brown from forest fires, pipeline construction, drought…...

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I always have a soft spot for stories about people trying very hard. Whether it’s the effort to do the good thing or the selfish thing, it’s that recognition of I’m trying that never fails to get me. Protagonist Ingken’s efforts–to find a place within their body, to put words and actions to their discomfort–though arduous, vibrate with life and resilience in a difficult, chaotic world. FIREBUGS is quintessentially, contemporarily queer, and the utterly lovely art is cartoonish and expressive in a way that never undercuts the complexity of the topics addressed.

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